Recording Features


Our simple but effective dashboard allows you to simply see the stats you need. Some of these are: currently recording, total downloads, recording time left. Quickly and simply see what recordings are live now.

Automatic Uploads

All uploads are automatically sent. When you configure your recording you tell us where you want it to go. Currently we have three options, email, ftp and mixcloud. Normally uploads are completed within minutes of your show finishing. Quite offtten people are playing back before you have left the studio.


As artists and stations we understand you may want your show in a format you can change. Mixcloud and other online music players are great until you want to download a copy of your show. From our downloads page you are able to playback and download a mp3 of your show. Check upcoming features to see what we are doing with our player.


You only pay for what you record, we don't have subscription fees etc. All payments are made using paypal. You pay as you go. You can top up from as little as £3.00 up to £25.00

Recording Log

Our simple recording log allows you to see what has recorded. This provides a simple but effective way of seeing your last 10 recordings on the system.


Let's use something everyone knows. Its really that simple to schedule a recording. You select the date and time of your show, add your link and away you go. Everything is displayed on a calendar. Every show you have will be automatically added to the calender in real time.

Supported Streams

We support all the major streaming technologies, this includes all formats (flv, mp3, wav, mp4) and all streaming servers (Wowza, shoutcast, icecast)


24/7 Support, always on hand to resolve any issues, help create and change schedules. We don't hide our contact details.