How do I get started with Quick Record?

– We have online tutorials with videos, also throughout the site we have our help icon , support is always on hand via Twitter, Facebook and E-mail.

What does Quick Record do?

– Quick Record is your personal recorder for recording any radio station, shows are uploaded to MixCloud, FTP, Email so they can be played back at any point.

What makes Quick Record different?

– Unlike other services, you are not limited to pre-selected stations, you can add any station you want, we have many different options for you to upload to and we are always adding new ways. If there is a option that is missing please contact us and request the feature you require.

How much does it cost?

– Quick Record give you four hours of recording time for free when you sign up. Try our service, if you require more recording time to test, please contact sales and we can extend your trial. Our pricing is done by the minute, you only pay for the minutes you record. We don’t charge for uploading or notifications. Pricing can be found at payments.