You Play, We Upload, Listeners Listen Again.

Quick Record offers listen again for all your online radio shows. We can manage a 24/7 station or a one off show. You only pay for the minutes you record. We upload to MixCloud, SoundCloud, FTP etc, with soical notifcations

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Are you always missing your favourite radio shows because of your schedule? Never miss another show again! Schedule the show you want to record using our simple dashboard, once finshed find all of your recorded audio waiting for you.

If you're a radio station or a audio content creator that does not want to invest in archiving hardware and software? Quick Record will record, upload and archive your content for you and your listeners.

1) You only pay for the hours you use, ALL features are enabled regardless of how many hours you buy. No strings attached!

2) Why we are differnet, we can record ANY online radio stream, If its broadcasting online we will record it, you can use your stream link to quickly add your show to our recording.

3) We have built Quick Record for individuals & Professionals,

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What You Get


Our simple calender allows you to schelude your shows, you have many options for recording, eg: Daily, Rotation, monthly, we record around you and your radio station.


We automaticly upload your scheduled show to your selected place, this can be MixCloud, SoundCloud, Email, FTP, you select where you would like it to go.


We can notify your listeners, we can tweet, update facebook walls when your show is starting, we can also provide a link at the end for listeners to listen back


We will hold your shows for up to 30 days, where you can listen again and download.

Free Plan

£ 0 /Mo.

  • 4 Hours Recording
  • File Tag Feature
  • Social Sharing
  • Upload
  • Unlimted Downloads

10 Hours

£ 3 /Mo.

  • 10 Hours Recording
  • File Tag Feature
  • Social Sharing
  • Upload
  • Unlimted Downloads

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We are always here to help, Do you need help setting up your first schedule? Need some extra hours to fully test our recording solution?